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Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do is the birthplace of Lee Hyo-Seok and background of the novel <When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom>. Lee …

Lee Hyo-Seok Memorial Hall

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Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do is the birthplace of Lee Hyo-Seok and background of the novel <When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom>. Lee Hyo-Seok's birthplace and Lee Hyo-Seok Memorial Hall are in Bongpyeong.

From the entrance, you can meet Lee Hyo-Seok's works. Be sure to look up when you pass. You will find the most famous phrase. 



Lee Hyo-Seok Memorial Hall is composed of Lee Hyo-Seok Literature Exhibition Room where lifetime and world of Lee Hyo-seok is exhbited and Literature Class and literature Study Room where you can experience various literature programs.



Lee Hyo-Seok's exhibition hall is designed to reflect author's life and his world of literature according to the passage of time. There are magazines, newspapers, articles and first book that published Lee Hyo-Seok's work. There are also replica of old Bongpyeong Market and visual image data of Lee Hyo-Seok's life and work. In the buckwheat data exhibition room, you can see the efficacy, nutrition and ingredient of buckwheat and manufacturing process of buckwheat product and food made of buckwheat. Inside the museum, photos are not allowed.


While Gasan Lee Hyo-Seok had a tidy and gentle personality and was a western oriented mondernist. You can fell all that through statue of the author.  



You can find out the phrases of Lee Hyo-Seok's work everywhere, and you will be able to better understand Lee Hyo-Seok by reading the descriptions of his work.





Visitors can enjoy a cup of buckwheat tea in a souvenir shop and look at souvenirs of buckwheat flowers and donkeys from the novel <When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom> .







From the observation deck, you can see Bongpyeong the place of traditional market, Lee Hyo-Seok Cultural Festival and Buckwheat Flower Festival. .



There are many buckwheat noodles restaurants near the Memorial Hall.

Enjoy the delicious noodles after the tour.

In addition to Lee Hyo-Seok Memorial Hall, there is also a Hyo-Seok Cultural Village in Bongpyeong. The birthplace of Lee Hyo-seok, Gasan Park, Hyo-Seok Literature Forest Park and a spinning mill are some of the tourist sight in the village. 







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