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The hottest item in this winter is..

The hottest item in this winter is..
Long padding.
Recently because of the popularity of long padding among teenagers, parents are having a hard time.
The cold air from Siberia has caused cold weather come earlier. And the popularity of long padding is growing.
Something was add to that popularity. That is 'Pyeongchang Long padding'.
The word ' Pyeongchang long padding ' has long been at the top of realtime search for a long time. It is getting sold out so quickly that it's making  it harder for the people who want to buy.
Online purchases are now unavailable and you can only purchase at Lotte Department offline stores from Nov. 22. However, it is highly likely that this will be sold out quickly.
The popularity of long padding is becase it is half the price of the other goose padding with good quality. So you can say it is cost effective.
The slogan for Pyeongchang Olympic "Passion Connected" is written on the arm of the long padding.  It means that  a world in which everyone is connected with shared passion for winter sports.
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will begin  February 9, 2018. Pyeongchang is a place where winter begins early and ends very late. Those who plan to tour the Olympic Games don't forget to wear warm clothes.
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